Brylee Clelland | eCommerce & Digital Specialist

Brylee Clelland | eCommerce & Digital Specialist

Albert Einstein once said, "genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex". Though she isn’t quite a genius, Brylee Clelland is one of those people who has a knack for making the complex simple and it shows through her work as a creative writer, eCommerce strategist and website creator.

Straight from the trusty ol’ QUT with a Bachelor of Business and Journalism, Brylee started her career as a radio producer and magazine editor, and followed the yellow brick road all the way to marketing.

Her thrown-together outfits and two-second styled hair proves Brylee has an innate sense of effortless style and an eye for visual design and storytelling. As an accomplished marketer and brand strategist, she’s held various roles across food, wellness and beauty and has left her mark on many happy brands. 

Brylee's free-spirited energy, down-to-earth nature and empathy for consumers and clients alike makes her the perfect fit in understanding challenges and coming up with creative solutions, whether it's a personalised marketing campaign, user-led website design or results-driven digital marketing. 

If you’re looking for her outside the office, she might be designing a home, styling interiors, trying to look coordinated in a pilates class, travelling, surfing or cooking vegetarian food.